Red-eared Slider, Trachemy scripta elegans – introduced to Tropical Areas

Red-eared Slider, Trachemys scripta elegans. Photo by Bob Thomas.
The plastron of this introduced species helps diagnosing it from the native Trachemys venusta. The red-eared slider has rounded spots on the plastron that are often open occellii in juveniles that fill in to be solid spots in adults. The red on the side of the head is tell-tale as well. Photo from Cherry Mischievous via Pintrest.

Trachemys scripta elegans has been introduced in many places in the tropics. It is native to the central United States, and has spread about the world via the pet trade – this species is bred and raised in enormous numbers and sold on the open market in the pet trade.

It is closely related to the Meso-American Slider, Trachemys venusta (see the account on that species), but is easily differentiated by examining the pattern on its plastron. .


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