About Us

If you would like to contact us about this website or topics covered, we encourage you to do so.

All who are active in the tropics, as we have been for a combined 70 or so years, know the difficulty of identifying the myriad species encountered, as well as learning each of their stories.  Please share, and we will credit you in our post.

Please email one or more of us listed below, and we will get back quickly.

We hope you enjoy the tropics as much as we do!

Bob Thomas (on right)

Robert A. (Bob) Thomas, Ph.D.

Bob Thomas is professor of Mass Communication and adjunct professor of Biological Science at Loyola University New Orleans, with a Ph.D. in herpetology from Texas A&M.  He specializes in the systematics of South American xenodontine snakes.  He was founding director of the Louisiana Nature Center, taught at the University of New Orleans, and has been at Loyola University New Orleans since 1996, where he directs the Center for Environmental Communication.  He is first and foremost a naturalist, as well as a professor who educates journalism and other communication students how to cover the environment.  He is on the board of the Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad, and spends lots of time in Belize, too.

Aimée K. Thomas

Aimée K. Thomas, Ph.D


Aimée Thomas is a visiting assistant professor in Biological Sciences at Loyola University New Orleans.  She has been fascinated with the natural history of the tropics since her dad exposed her to Trinidad while taking an Arachnid Biology class as an undergraduate.  Her passion for exposing others to the wonders of the tropics and her love of spiders is contagious.

Shannon Fortenberry

Shannon Fortenberry, R.N.

Shannon Fortenberry is a Nephrology Nurse with a passion for nature photography.  She has made numerous trips to the rainforests of Belize and Trinidad where she has photographed many of the creatures of the tropics.  Closer to home, Shannon enjoys photographing the wonderful culture of New Orleans and the beautiful landscape of Mississippi. She has been published in a nature column in the Times Picayune newspaper and featured on a Belizean eco-lodge website.

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