Purpose of This Site

As avid naturalists who love the tropics, we have spent untold hours attempting to identify floral and fauna encountered on our field excursions.  We’ve collected lots of books and other publications, try to watch every nature series that addresses the tropics, and have developed a network of specialists whom we bother incessantly with requests for identifications and stories.

Thus, the original purpose of this website was to post photos and identifications of the oddities – species that are not covered in readily available field guides.

We immediately decided to go beyond this goal and post photos and stories of many things of which we marvel.

We DON’T feel compelled to create a complete library of species identification (even though it would be a great way to avoid other less enjoyable obligations), but we will just have fun and post new finds after trips to our favorite places and beyond.

Although we’ve walked most of the tropical forests of the world, we’ve not spent near enough time on the visits.  We do make frequent visits to Belize, Guatemala (especially Tikal), and Trinidad (staying at the Asa Wright Nature Centre).

We solicit your comments and suggestions.  Please correct identifications, share interesting stories of species, and send photos of things not represented.

Assuming you have photos of species that you can’t identify, send them to us and we’ll post them on the “What is this?” page.

We hope you continue to enjoy the tropical ecosystems as much as we do.  Hope to see you on a trail soon!

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