Island Leaf-toed Gecko, Phyllodactylus insularis

When foraging at night, Phyllodactylus insularis, is almost patternless and pink in color. The identifying character of the genus is the triangular, flat-edged toes that easily separate it from other gecko genera. Photo by Bob Thomas.
Another example foraging on a building On Half Moon Caye. Photo by Ryan Cone.
A leaf-toed gecko searching for food on a coconut tree. It shows the pattern that is typical when they are found during the day, but the toes are tell-tale. Photo by Bob Thomas.

When this species was described in 1960, Phyllodactylus insularis was considered endemic to Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef, Belize. Belize naturalist Jan Meerman found it as common on nearby Long Caye, and it is possibly on other nearby cayes.

This species is special to our team because it was described by Bob Thomas’ major professor, the late James R. Dixon.


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